Released in 2020 and featuring vocalist Alyssa Schwary McDonald, Mary-Sue Tobin on alto and soprano sax, Pete Petersen on baritone sax and bass clarinet, Lee Wuthenow on tenor sax, trumpeters Paul Mazzio and Justin Copeland, Stan Bock on trombone, Mark Vehrencamp on tuba, Bryan Dickerson on alto sax, David Kim on piano, Ed Bennett and Perry Thoorsell on bass, Ed Pierce and Rivkah Ross on drums, and vocalist/bandleader David Watson 

Released in 2020 and featuring combining Perry’s composing, arranging, and performing on the double bass and bass guitar with Victoria Theodore on piano, Ron Steen on drums, and vocalists Cory Joynt and Rebecca Dunn.

Happy Madness by Rebecca DuMaine and the Dave Miller Trio

Released in 2016 and featuring vocalist Rebecca DuMaine, Dave Miller on piano, and Bill Belasco on drums.  Guest appearances by Brad Buethe on guitar and Pete Cornell on tenor sax

Little Wizdoms by Nika Rejto

Released in 2012 and featuring Nika on flute and voice, Dan Zemmelman on piano, Dave Rokeach on drums, Rick Vandivier on guitar and John Santos on percussion.

Just Candice by Candice

Recorded live at Anna's Jazz Island in Berkeley. This was a fun date with Candice singing, Larry Chinn on piano, Ranzel Merritt on drums, and Tom Rogotzke on trumpet.

The Mystery of Life by Karen Segal

A last minute call to cover for a sick friend led to this recording with Karen on guitar, Alan Hall and Ricky Carter on drums, Brian Rice overdubbed percussion, but he wasn't at the sessions I played on. The music was all composed by Karen and was a good challenge. This led to our appearances at the 2010 Århus Jazz Festival in Denmark.

Jambossa by Stevan Pasero

This session with Stevan on guitar and John Antilla on drums yielded several tracks which made it onto the record.

Isn't It Romantic by Nancy Gilliland

A live recording of a 2007 Castro Theater show with Nancy singing and playing piano, and Olaf Schiapacasse on drums. Engineered by the late Bud Spangler.

Out of This World, reissued as Out Of This World 2009 by Sony Holland

Recorded in 2006, Featuring Sony on vocals, Jim Nichols on guitar, Art Khu on Piano and Organ, Charles McNeal on tenor sax, and David Rokeach on drums.

Jumpin' at the Border by Josh Workman

Released in 2004, featuring Josh on guitars, pianist and arranger Larry Vuckovich, drummers Harold Jones and the late Omar Clay, percussionist John Santos, vocalist Kim Nalley, and Noel Jewkes on tenor sax.

Midnight Kiss by Nika Rejto

Released in 2002 and featuring Nika on flute and voice, the late Paul van Wageningen on drums, Rick Vandivier on guitar, John Santos on percussion, and a vocal by Linda Tillery.

Double Gemini by the Larry Scala Quartet

Released in 2002 with Larry on guitar, Pete Magadini on drums, and Ray Loekle on tenor sax.

Lounging Around by Ron Kaplan

Recorded in 1999 with Ron singing, Larry Scala on guitar, Peppe Merolla on drums, Donny McCaslin, Jr. on tenor xax, Steve Czarnecki on Hammond B3 organ, and Dmitri Matheny on flugelhorn. Remixed, remastered and reissued as Lounging Around Redux 2006.

Capo by the John Capobianco Quartet

Recorded in 1994 with John on trumpet, Jessica Williams on piano, and Albert "Tootie" Heath on drums.

Global Jungle by Sonny Simmons

A friend from college, Kirk Heydt, called me one day in 1990 and asked if I'd come over and record. This is the result. Sonny Simmons on  alto sax and English horn; Kirk Heydt on cello; Earl Freeman and Freddie Williams on bass;  Dylan Morgan and Jeffrey Donald on drums.

Not So Long Ago by Jenny Ferris

The first jazz record I was ever on, recorded in 1984. Featuring Jenny's lovely voice, the late Chuck Clark on tenor sax and flute, Dave Meade on drums, and the late Bryce Rohde on piano.